Client Side Signing API

Client Side / Local signing is where the signing key is in the possession of the owning user and therefore the signature takes place locally. The signing key needs to be securely protected and Our Solution supports the following approaches:

  • Smart card e.g. your national eID card or Digital Signature Certificate stored in a USB token.
  • Roamed credential, a self-protecting software container which is saved on server but download and used locally after successfully authenticating the user.
  • Standard Microsoft Windows and Apple MacOSkeystores.


  • Digital Signature Certificates are Stored in a Crypto Token which is in possession of the owner of certificate, this can be used for Signing any data by using our Solution
  • Most National eID cards issued around the world have a PKI signing key on them. These cards can be used with by our Solution making the national eID infrastructure even more valuable to end-users and businesses
  • The solution does not require browser plugins which are limited to only certain browsers. The signer component works externally from browsers and is auto-invoked from the browser page
  • The solution doesn’t  rely on Java applets, activeX controls or any other downloaded code. These are now blocked by most modern browsers because of security issues with such downloadable code