HSM Based Bulk Signing Solution

Bulk Signer Tool is automated, unattended server side file signing solution. It runs on the server to sign files in an automated mode without needing any user intervention. Using this solution, thousands of files can be automatically signed at regular specified intervals.

Organizations that generate large volumes of documents like Invoices, Statements, Bills, HR letters, PO’s, Reports, Contract Notes, Agreements, etc can be digitally signed in bulk with our Bulk Signer Tool. Our Bulk Signer Tool can digitally sign thousands and lakhs of documents in few minutes. Bulk Signer Tool is widely used in processes like e-invoicing in different countries.


  • Fastest automated server-side bulk signing
  • Supports multiple signing profiles, which can run simultaneously for maximum operations
  • Compatible with Windows7, Windows 2008 Server , Windows 2012 , Linux
  • SHA256 support for all files
  • Reduced I/O operation for speedy processing
  • PKCS#7 compliant software solution
  • Signs files of any format
  • Supports Adobe-compatible visible digital signatures in PDF
  • Files can be signed using a certificate on the machine or on a HSM (Hardware Security Module)
  • Local machine time is time stamped into the signatures
  • Signing logs are generated