Network Appliance


HSM family provides a FIPS 140- 2 level 2 and level 3 partitioned, centralized and elastic key management solution with high transaction/sec performance. It addresses high performance security requirements for private key management and administration while also addressing elastic performance per virtualized partition for cloud environment. With 32 partitioned network HSMs in a single physical network HSM, storage for 50,000 keys independent of key size, 35,000 2048b RSA ops/sec and chaining of up to 20 Appliances, 35xx family provides a solution that addresses requirements from few hundred RSA ops/sec or few key stores to 700K RSA ops/sec or 1M key store and everything in-between.

This product family, available as a PCI Express adapter with complete software or a network HSM appliance, offers a no compromise cost efficient solution that addresses the stringent security requirements of SaaS applications, ecommerce payment systems and Enterprise, Banking and Government security applications especially as they migrate to the Public or Private cloud. Major applications for this product family include Key Management as-a-Service, Database as-a-Service, Crypto as-a-service, Secure DNS, SaaS Applications and Virtual Private Clouds in the Public Cloud.


  • Highest performance

    -35K 2048b RSA ops/sec

    -10G Bulk crypto / sec

    -11K ECC ops/sec

    -50K any size key store

  • Elastic HSMs

    -Up to 32 HSM partitions per appliance

    -Up to 1K unique users per partition

    -Connecting a partition on 20 di erent appliances to form a cluster for single network domain

  • Rich Networking Support

    -2 x 10GbE

    -SDN / Custom SDN support

  • Division of Roles

    -Appliance admin: Create, enable/disable partitions but no access to keys in FIPS boundary

    -Partition admin: Create users per partition

    -Partition Users: Create, import keys and use them

  • Multiple Form Factors

    -PCIe Adapter with complete Software to convert any system into a Network HSM

    -1U appliance with FIPS boundary at Chassis level

    -1U appliance with FIPS boundary at PCIe Adapter level

  • Out of the Box solution

    -Restful APIs and Webgui for con guration

    -Client supports most hypervisors and tested with various applications

    -Health checks, Audit logs


  • Huge TCO Bene ts for multi-domain/multi-tenant Public or Private Clouds

    -Partitioning and clustering features provide true elastic capacity for key stores and transactions per sec

    -Enables deployment in SDN / Custom SDN environments (such as VXLAN, NVGRE etc)

    -PCIe FIPS adapter + Network HSM Software enables easy integration with existing data center management tools

  • Checks at multiple levels to ensure key protection among various tenants on same appliance
  • Various form factors to meet requirements of Private, Public, Co-location data centers
  • Various form factors to meet requirements of Private, Public, Co-location data centers
  • Easy integration with any application


  • Crypto As A Service
  • Applications requiring FIPS 140-2 level 2 or level 3 compliance
  • Key Management Service
  • Database As Service
  • Secure DNS
  • Public Key Infrastructure
  • Document Signing

Models and Performance


FIPS Boundary

Performance (divisible among up to 32 Partitions)


Max RSA 

SSL Record Throughput

Ops / sec

  Model  VI PCIe Adapter 35K (2048b) 10 Gb/s 2U Rackmount
  Model  III PCIe Adapter 20K (2048b) 10 Gb/s 2U Rackmount
  Model  II PCIe Adapter 10K (2048b) 1 Gb/s 2U Rackmount
  Model  I PCIe adapter 5K (2048b) 1 Gb/s 2U Rackmount



  • 2U 19in. rack mount Chassis
  • Input Voltage: 100 – 240V, 50 – 60Hz
  • Operating Temperature: 0 to 40° C

Software and API Support

  • PKCS#11
  • OpenSSL
  • Microsoft CNG support