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HSM (Hardware Security Module)

FIPS HSM Adapters

The FIPS Adapter family is the world’s most flexible, highest performing and secure (Federal Information Processing Standards)FIPS 140-2 level 2 and 3 certified Hardware Security Module (HSM) solution. This Adapter family consists of half height / half-length Gen 2.0 x8 PCIe adapters that can provide solution from few hundred RSA ops/sec to 35,000 RSA ops/sec for 2048b key. Additionally, some members of this Family supports multiple partitioned HSMs in a single physical HSM Adapter thereby providing the most flexible solution for multi-tenant/multi-domain cloud infrastructure.

FIPS adapter is a perfect embedded HSM solution for servers and appliances such as Web Servers, L4+ Switches, Load Balancers, Networking / Server Appliances, Unified Threat Management Appliances, Remote Access Servers, Public Key Infrastructure and Database Servers.FIPS adapter family supports crypto APIs such as OpenSSL, PKCS#11, JCA and Microsoft CNG thus enabling multiple applications such as PKI Key generation, DNSSEC, Database and File encryption and SSL & TLS.

Types Of HSM Adapters


System Interface

Partition Support



Max RSA Ops / sec SSL Record Throughput
 Model      VI PCIe Gen2.0  x8 Yes 35K (2048b) 10 Gb/s 32
 Model      III PCIe Gen2.0  x8 Yes 20K (2048b) 5 Gb/s 24
 Model       II PCIe Gen2.0  x8 Yes 103K (2048b) 1.5 Gb/s 8
 Model       I PCIe Gen2.0  x8 Yes 5K (2048b) 750 Mb/s 8

Model I, II, III – 35xx series&Model IV, V, VI – 16xx Series


Model I,II,III HSM Adapter Family

Model IV,V,VI HSM Adapter Family


High SSL / TLS performance

– Up to 35K 2048-bit key RSA operations / sec

– Up to 11K ECC operations / sec

– Up to 10Gbps of bulk crypto throughput



SSL / TLS performance

– Up to 45K 1024-bit key RSA operations / sec

– Up to 8.5K 2048-bit key RSA operations / sec

– Up to 5Gbps of bulk crypto throughput

Enhanced on card storage

– Up to 500,000 concurrent SSL sessions

– Up to 50000 concurrent server private keys


Enhanced on card storage

– Up to 200,000 concurrent SSL sessions

– Up to 4096 concurrent server private keys.

  • Up to 32 partitioned FIPS 140-2 level 3 HSMs in single Hardware Security Module (HSM) Adapter
  • USB port and over the network two-factor authentication
  • SP800-90 based Deterministic Random Bit Generator (Random Number Generator) support for FIPS 140-3
  • Accelerates and secures cryptographic functions and bulk encryption
  • 256-bit AES based key encrypt for key archive and transport
  • Advanced ECC for handshake


  • Scalable performance per partition for multi-domain cloud infrastructure
  • Support for multiple crypto APIs enables easy integration with Data Center applications
  • Short development time for quick time to market

    -Complete hardware module

    – Common APIs for both FIPS and non-FIPS product

    – Complete SDK including source code for drivers, utilities and reference application

  • Physical and logical Cryptographic boundaries

    – Secure and tamper evident enclosure

    – All keys are secured within cryptographic boundary


  • Cloud HSM Appliance
  • Application Delivery Controllers / Load Balancers
  • Networking / Server Appliances
  • Database Servers
  • Web Servers
  • Remote Access Servers
  • Unifed Threat Management Appliances
  • Public Key Infrastructure


  • USB 2.0 port for ‘Smart Keys’ for FIPS 140-2 Level 3
  • Support for a wide variety of algorithms
  • Modular Exponentiation: RSA / DH Public Key 2048-bit & 4096-bi
  • Operating Temperature: 0 to 50° C
  • Regulatory Certifcations: Safety, cTUVus UL, EMC, FCC/ICES, Class B